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Global Warming Part 3 – The Bigger Picture

As Global Warming is highly controversial, i figure this would make for some interesting conversation.
Evidence shows that the earth is warming up, however this must be taken into context of natural events. Yes, its true since the industrial age of man there has been a steady increase in the temperature of the world causing such events as polar caps melting, the diminishing ice mass of greenland and rising water levels.

This blog is presenting data collected from research done at the Vostok station in the Antarctic. Hardly new data, it still remains more of a quiet topic as it without a doubt diminishes the importance we put on man being responsible for global warming.

The data collected included retrieving ice core samples from Lake Vostok to a depth of 3623m. it is estimated that the depth of the last ice core taken was from 420,000 years ago, and there was some very interesting figures that resulted from the samples.


As you can see there is roughly a 110,000 year cycle of the earth heating and cooling, and correspondingly the rise and fall in temperature, so does the CO2. This is because cool water holds CO2 better than warm water does, so as the earth heats up this releases CO2 from ice and cooler regions, giving a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. as seen below on the graph this puts what i have said so far into context. It is important to understand that this process is a natural part of the Earth’s cycle.


The core sample’s contense was determined by difference between two isotopes of oxygen trapped in the ice.
The reading of dust, CO2 and Temperature displays that global warming will regardless of our contribution, as on a scale of the natural global warming process, our effects it are quite small.

It is believed that there is about 800 billion tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere and human activities release about another 27 billion tonnes per year, or 3% of the total. What is important to note is that CO2 in the air dissolves into the oceans and there is a lot more in the oceans than there is in the atmosphere.

I present you with this data not claiming that humans have had nothing to do with global warming, i do believe that we have fastened the process yet global warming was going to occur regardless of the human impact as our contribution is somewhat insignificant.

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